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A-Z Vegetables
Mizuna Mustard Greens

Cultivated in Japan since ancient times, the young leaves are a delightful addition to salad mixtures and the mature leaves are great for braising. This is a great candidate for the edible landscape. 

Cabbage: Red
Red Cabbage

Red cabbage is the perfect side to any dinner, whether cooked or raw. Also an extremely popular addition for your juicing purposes.

Bok choy
Bok Choy and Pac Choi

Extra dwaf Bok Choy- Heirloom


Black Summer

Siberian Kale

Siberian has light blue-green leaves with white stems and a ruffled shape. Its superior tenderness makes Siberian one of the best varieties for raw salad use and spring “napini”. Plants are extremely hardy and grow rapidly. Flavor is improved by light frost, but is exceptional anytime