2018 Chicken CSA

Welcome to our 2018 Chicken CSA information page.

We are committed to raising the very best chickens on non-gmo grains in addition to forage.This sets us apart from many local farms in our area. We do this because you deserve the very best nutrition. Here's how it works:

  • Chickens are priced to the CSA at a flat $4.75/lb compared to $4.99/lb retail price.
  • You can order as few or as many chickens as you like (from 10-40) in increments of 5 
  • You'll pay a $10 deposit per chicken now to lock in your spot (via debit/credit, cash, or check)
  • Example: You place an order for 10 chickens. You pay $100 deposit. On pick up day we grab 10 chickens, add up the weights x $4.75/lb and subtract the deposit
  • You'll also save 10% on any other products that you purchase on pick-up day.
15 Whole birds ($150.00)
20 Whole birds ($200.00)
25 Whole birds ($250.00)
30 Whole birds ($300.00)
35 Whole birds ($350.00)
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About Payments

After completing your order an invoice will be emailed with the exact total of your order. 


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