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Braised beet thinnings

Heat  large saute pan or wok to medium high.  You need a pan which has a tight lid available.

Add 3 T. olive oil.  Place 2 bunches of baby beets in the pan.  You might have to curl them around to

get all the greens in.  Add 1/2 cup liquid.  This could be water, wine or stock. Cover with the tight lid

and braise about 15 minutes, checking ocasionally to make sure it doesn' boil dry.  Remove lid,season with a splash of vinegar and salt.  Fresh horseradish is very good if you have it.

At this point you can serve the beets, which should be tender and very tasty, or you can do an additional step to class it up.  For this, remove the beets to a plate.  Turn the pan to high and reduce the liquid.  When it reaches a glaze consistency add 2 or 3 T.  of butter and stir it in vigorously to make a shiny sauce to pour over the beets.  Finish with a generous grating of black pepper.

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