Growing Practices

How we grow your food

Our Chickens

Our chickens are raised without the aid of vaccinations.  We raise them in a low-stress environment, so this eliminates cannibalism. We do not de-beak our birds.  How can they eat bugs without a full beak?  We do give our chickens probiotics, which are a natural immunostimulant.  We are definitely not your average poultry producers! 

Our Pigs

We chose to raise American Guinea Hogs for a few reasons: they are suited to our warm Georgia climate, they are a heritage breed that doesn't require a lot of fuss and muss, they are extremely family friendly, and the quality of their meat and lard is unbeatable.

Our Vegetables

We do not use any Genetically Modified seeds or plants at the farm. We follow the National Organic Program's tenets, and raise vegetables without the aid of chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. We believe in supporting the soil and increasing its health and fertility.