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Posted 12/27/2017 7:42am by Alesha Gonzales.

The Beginning

Since I was a child, it has always been my desire to farm. My husband and I started this farm part-time while we were active duty soldiers. With a $500 investment, we purchased materials to build mobile chicken coops, baby chicks, and feed. We were officially on our way! In January 2016 we sold our first dozen eggs on the Augusta Locally Grown Market. Since then we have steadily increased our farm operation.

Why Did We Start Farming?

Well, I can't really give you a cut and dry answer. I spoke to a number of farmers prior to starting our farm and they had a number of concerns. Their main concern was who was going to take their place? Many of these farmers were in their late sixties, and they were surprised that a couple in their mid-thirties were interested in living, loving, and learning on a piece of land. I realized that the aging farming population would leave a huge gap in the food system, and maybe, just maybe we could help fill that gap.

Blame Joel Salatin

I blame Joel Salatin. If you don't know who Joel Salatin is I want you to stop right now, google the book You Can Farm, and buy a copy. Read it and you will understand why I blame Joel Salatin. I also thank him so very much. I met him at a farm conference in Northern Michigan and he inspired me to take the steps to start the farm. I consider him the Godfather of pastured poultry. We Can Do It We decided that we could do it on a small scale. We could produce clean meat and produce, without using chemicals, genetically modified organisms, or anything fake. We knew that we could provide a good life for the animals at our farm. This is our philosophy. Welcome to Urban Grange Farm.

Recommended Reading

You Can Farm--Joel Salatin

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